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The Lady of Corvic

Who's blind

The Ring

Friday Night at Home

The Return of the Piper

The Smile

Master of Puppets

Evening Song


Girl from the woods

The leaving of Inismore

Celtic Queen


Under my Rainbow

Two Witches

Look Behind

End of Journey

Heal Me

The Truth

Dance with me

Believe in me


Be on The Right

Don't talk to much

Liberty Or Just For You

Hole in a stone

Season Of Salmons

Well haired golden maiden

Fred Friendly

Your Will

NIghtingale Flight

Folker's Dancefloor

Sparrow in the Midwinter Hall

Warm touch

The fox at the airport

Step beside

This Day is not Today

Wish you were

Connemara Girl

Under the Evenstar

Mediis Tenebris

Peacful Slumber

Like a light rose

Breavheart Story


The very first time

After Rising will be fall


Incredibile Galahad

The Princess and the frog

Back in my arms

Here we are to folk you

Go sit on a tack

Ev'ry sin

Next Step

Tender Crazy

Stay alive

Buzzy Lizzy

The Garden

When she dance

Buy a Cage

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